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praise for hyperthymesia


Hyperthymesia, Cece's original one woman show, has been performed:

East to Edinburgh Festival at 59E59 (New York, NY)

Edinburgh International Fringe Festival (Edinburgh, Scotland)

The ONE Festival at

Teatro LATEA (New York, NY)

"Cece Otto empathetically plays one of them ... imaginatively using movement to capture the beauty and the pain of never being able to forget. ... anyone unfamiliar with this condition will find the piece an interesting introduction."

—  Sally Stott

The Scotsman

"...Otto pantomimes whatever else might be needed, leaving the audience to form an idea from imagination. It’s a plain but touching performance about one person’s struggles with her own amazing mind. The script is thoughtful, and also asks the audience to question their own experiences with remembering and forgetting. There is empathy and kindness in the telling, making Otto a very endearing narrator. It’s a piece that demands a lot of her, both physically and mentally... but is very satisfying and ultimately very hopeful."

—  Marti Sichel

(New York Press Club Award Winner)

Department of theatre

Hyperthymesia | Cece Otto

Senior Actor Training Program student and SAC President, Cece Otto, is presenting her one-woman show, Hyperthymesia at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, August 4-19, 2017.

Cece was awarded a UROP grant two semesters in a row, allowing her to fund the project under the supervision of her mentor and Assistant Professor...

the Daily utah chronicle

Awareness for Hyperthymesia Through Art

Cece Otto started her performance career by dancing at the age of 3 and she started focusing on theatrical performance in the sixth grade. Otto is now a senior in the Actor Training Program at the University of Utah and she is the current President...

Sick of the


Hyperthymesia // Cece Otto

In the world today, there are between twelve and twenty-five documented cases of hyperthymesia, also known as highly superior autobiographical memory (HSAM). People living with this, are able to remember most of their life events. Their recall can be incredibly detailed...


praise from Outstanding undergraduate research award


Cece was named the 2018 Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher for the College of Fine Arts for her work on her original one woman show, Hyperthymesia.  She was mentored by Robert Scott Smith.  


2018 College of Fine Arts Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher, Cece Otto

Every spring the College of Fine Arts selects an Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher, recognizing them for their academic achievements, artistic and/or scholarly accomplishments, and their commitments to the College of Fine Arts and the University of Utah. Get to know the 2018 Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher, Cece Otto...


Cece Otto 2018 CFA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher

Cece Otto is a senior in the Actor Training Program and Student Advisory Committee President for the Department of Theatre. She won the 2018 College of Fine Arts Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award for the creation of her original piece, Hyperthymesia, which she performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2017...


praise for who's louis?


not playing grid (3).jpg

I'm not playing has been featured as a part of the following digital festivals:

Edinburgh International Fringe Festival (Edinburgh, Scotland)

KeyBank Rochester Fringe
(Rochester, NY)

Minnesota Fringe Festival (Minneapolis, MN)

Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival (Salt Lake City, UT)



Salt Lake Tribune

Great Salt Lake Fringe goes virtual, stretching the boundaries of digital theater in the age of COVID-19

Feature: College of Fine ARts

U Theatre alumni of “WHO’S LOUIS?” present digital installation “I'm Not Playing”


The Utah Review

Great Salt Lake Fringe 2020: Virtual format delivers smart concept shows, excellent performances

Review: cherry & spoon

Minnesota Fringe Festival 2020: "I'm not playing"

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